Why turning 40 is great

So you are (almost) 40 and feeling great? You absolutely should!

If you have managed to get to this age in decent shape and condition, the next 10 years should be the most enjoyable of your life so far. At least until you turn 50. Then we will come up with awesome reasons to join the exclusive 50s club. In the meantime read on and rejoice:

You have settled for your own style


In clothing, music, food, decoration, hairstyle… probably in all aspects of life by now you know exactly what you like and what suits you.  And certainly what not. Gone are the days of experimenting and copying from others. You have created your own and individual brand and you display it with pride.


You value time and experiences more than things


Your are starting to become aware of your own mortality and the fact that time is now at a premium. There are so many things that you still want to do and therefore how you spend your time and with whom is something you carefully consider.


You are still physically active and enjoy most of the sports you love


and by the way. You are getting better a better at them. Finally you are seeing the results of all that time, effort and money invested into lessons, training, sessions and acquired gear. You may not be a pro, but you can take up any 20-year-old at your favourite game/sport, shine at it and have an awesome time.


Your relationships are more mature and you have distilled your true friends


You probably have far less friends that in your 20´s, but you know who your true friends are by now. You distinguish clearly between friends and “people you socialize with” now and then. And the best thing: you don´t need Facebook to stay in touch with your friends.


You are better in bed and you know what you want


With confidence and experience piling up, this also shows during your sexual relationships with more pleasurable encounters for you and your partner.


Your personal finances look healthier

finance planning

You owe less money and you retirement planning is starting to take shape. You now know where you want to be financially in the future, have a defined horizon and plan as to how to get there.


You have developed patience, resilience and an ability to move on

man sunset

There is much less drama in your life. You worry less about many things and focus on what is important. Failures and valued as enriching experiences, but are not soul-destroying. You learn from them and move on.


You still enjoy the company and advise from your parents

parents photo

if you are lucky to still have them around. And you realise that your relationship is now a 2-way street where you sometimes seek their advice and other times provide it yourself.


Work offers countless opportunities


You may have settled for a certain career path and have enough experience under your belt to be heard and taken seriously, but you are still young enough to further develop and expand your horizon and seek other opportunities. Now could be the time to reinvent yourself.


You are starting to downsize and optimise

office empty clean

and keep only those things that are really valuable to you. In your 30s you may have been hoarding and piling up on things, now is the time to get lean. All those clothes and gadgets you don´t use, the bike, the condo you bought and forgot. Getting rid of things that don´t add value to your life is liberating.


You enjoy your young family more than ever

boy bubbles

They still want to be with you and do things with you and you still physically can. They keep you young and fit and are your proudest achievement

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