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To dye or not to dye? Here is the question…

Now: here is the highly debated topic of “greys: yey or ney?”.

Amongst my (almost) 40 year old female friends this is a subject that leaves no-one impassible. It inevitably arises strong feelings and loud opinions of all sorts, because ultimately it is just A PAIN IN THE BUTT!

There are the fundamental objectors: “no way I am ever going to let my hair go white, I will die dyed!” . Granted most of these women are not dark brunettes and have the easier option (in my opinion) of just turning blonder and blonder over time. This is, by the way, the argument I constantly have with my mother, who was a dark blond in her youth and now, at the age of 65 has seamlessly transitioned to being a very light blonde, who requires dying only every now and then. Because see: the bummer really is in your 40s when you only have 2 choices:

  1. Colour relentlessly and accept that this process will have to be repeated over and over VERY frequently ie you will sped a lot of time and money at the hairdresser, unless you go through the mess of DYI at home
  2. Give in, stand strong let your silvers shine and don´t give a toots about what people say.

And they will say. A lot. Everybody will see themselves in the right to provide an opinion about your hair; good sometimes, but mostly not so.

And then there are the rebels: the ones that stop dying at the age of around 40 and embrace that you can look beautiful, even if your hair is gradually loosing its original colour. And I say “can” loosely because some ladies really rock it but others, sorry, just don´t. My experience: the ones that don´t, lack the polishment that is required from the rest of the package aka: if you have silver hair, BUT a great haircut, OR young looking skin, OR make an effort with make up and clothing… or all of the latter, then that will definitely compensate or distract from the white on your head.

Because one thing is clear: it will NOT make you look any younger, ever. If you are lucky and you do it properly, you may not look too much older, but NEVER EVER have I see anybody look younger with white hair vs colour. If you have, please, please, please, show me!

What do you think? Is it very personal, does it depend on each individual? Should it even matter if the person feels good and happy about it? Probably not…

Anyway these are my thoughts, while I grumpily look in the mirror in the morning and realise it is time for it again… I am a brunette and I love being one: I have tried going blond, either all over or with scattered highlights (as my hairstylist said). All of it in an attempt to dye less and possibly prepare for a transition into my mothers style in a few years (how depressing…).

It didn´t work: I love wearing my dark chocolate colour, even if fake, and feel very much in my skin like that. So reluctantly I pick up the phone and call my hair salon and book myself an appointment, thinking: Not yet… maybe in a few years when I am (most definitely over) 40.


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