The Stationery Nerd

I am a Stationery Nerd. I can´t help it.

Ever since I was a little girl have I have had this irrational obsession with pretty pens, agendas, notepads… you name it. I thought this would pass, but, here I am at (almost 40) and the “urge” is still there and stronger than ever. I love to have my own collection of gadgets (analogue and digital) to help me organise work and life, put down ideas, plan ahead, look back and record. The fact that there is such a huge variety of wonderful products out there does not help either…


Funnily, there seems to be others who share this this strange passion. So if you are one of them, welcome to my Stationery Nerd Corner, where I post and review all the pretty things I see, buy or try!


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