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The Stationery Nerd: NYC Lilly Pulitzer store

I have spent the last few days in New York City. It is a city that I adore; together with London, definitely my top favourite places to be. I doubt that I will ever get bored or tired of exploring them.


lilly pulitzer shop2

As I was walking up Madison Avenue, on my way to the Guggenheim, I stumbled upon the Lilly Pulitzer shop and, obviously, had to divert from my itinerary to have a peak inside. What a lovely surprise, I had only ever seen and bought Lilly products (mainly stationery) online but unfortunately there is a very limited selection of what you can get from the brand here in Europe and they don´t ship internationally.


The shop is gorgeous! Honestly: it is summer print paradise! I was thankful that it is December, otherwise I would have been tempted to start purchasing beach bags, shorts and flip flops straight away. Also they have a huge selection of clothing that I was completely unaware of. So definitely worth a check out if you are visiting the city and in the area.


lilly p shop


The Stationery Nerd in me flipped when seeing the wall full of agendas and planners. Their new To Do Planners are absolutely incredible if you want to get away from the traditional monthly/weekly agenda type of planner. It has a “Top Priorities”, “Appointments”, “To Get” and “Calls & Emails” section on one page and a big “To Do” list page on the other side.

Very nicely laid out. Check it out here.




lilly pulitzer stationery display


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