The Stationery Nerd: Busy B Christmas presents

With Christmas looming around the corner, I have once again resorted to buying stationery!


A few days ago I bought these BusyB products, which I thought go well together, for a young lady with a busy schedule and a tendency to lose things.

BusyBee 2018


They arrived in the post and I have to say: they are beautiful. The agenda´s layout is fantastic. It looks like this:

busyb agenda

This is very practical not only for mothers (who can log their kids´ activities on the right page), but also for people who have multiple jobs or work on several projects in parallel. I use it in that way and it really helps me to see all the “balls that I am juggling”  at a glance.

The notepads and pens are cute, too and it all fits nicely in the little pouch which can go into any handbag.



BusyB products are fun.

I love buying them for my friends´ daughters or my nieces, as I believe they are aimed at a younger age-group. Nevertheless I sometimes indulge in a little something for myself, too, like the 2017-2018 Diary that I am currently using. Soooo cute.


Here are more Busy B products that you can check out, if you want to:

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