The Good Habit

Habits, habit formation, why we struggle so much to acquire and maintain good habits, why it is so easy to fall into bad ones.

All of these are topics that resonate with almost everyone. Because everybody to a certain degree enjoys creating habits in their life that will make them happier and healthier and, on the contrary, is burdened by those that achieve the opposite result.

For me it is a topic that fascinates me and to which I have dedicated countless hours, reading and researching. If you are somehow interested in human behaviour and what makes us “tick”, especially for the purpose of applying it to your own life and improving it, then you will  understand what I mean. You will also know that it is not enough to research the topic and then magically expect your life to change. You may have experienced frustrated attempts to modify your current habits and realised that, unless you put some serious effort into it, it just won´t happen (aka exercise regularly… ). And then, you may have probably given up trying.

So here is the thing: if you are (almost) 40 it is vital that you start taking this matter seriously because, like it or not, the contrary will start having serious consequences on your health. It is that simple. It is that sad.

In your 20´s you can afford to indulge frequently on some bad habits, like not sleeping enough, or maintaining an unhealthy diet, or not exercising. Maybe throughout your 30s, too, if you are blessed with good genes. Recovery is easy then, so no need to worry.  But, sorry to carry the bad news: time´s up in your 40s! Recovery does not happen quickly or at all! So our focus needs to be on preservation, so that we can live the next 40 years in the best physical and mental state as possible.

This section is called “The Good Habits”. It is partly my own gentle reminder of what works, or has worked for me in the past, so I can keep doing it. I would like to share these little tricks and demonstrate that it does not always need to be daunting or difficult to implement the small habits into our every day, that will contribute to our wellbeing. There will also be new things that I have either failed at implementing and would like to give a second (or third, fourth attempt to) or would like to try out for the first time. As a sort of an accountability wall…

I hope you enjoy it!

The Good Habit: Green Juice

The Good Habit: Start your Day Drinking Water

The Good Habit: Exercise every day first thing in the morning

The Good Habit: Get Some Sleep

The Good Habit: Remember to smile!

The Good Habit: Tidy up a little something

The Good Habit: Read for 10 minutes


If you are interested in reading or hearing more about the subject, here are a few great sources that are worth checking out:

  1. I am a big fan of Gretchen Rubin and her book Better than Before is probably the best read I have found on the topic of habits and it is great fun to read, although she has also other books worth exploring. I have not read her last one The Four Tendencies, yet but I have taken the quiz and would also recommend you do so, to understand what works for you and your personality. She also has a fantastic Podcast called Happier.
  2. Another interesting read is The Miracle Morning especially if, like me you are NOT a morning person (and will never be) but would love to be one. The book can be a bit overwhelming but the trick is not to try to do everything, just maybe one or two of the 6 habits that he describe will change your life. Also I heard the audio version of the book, which is always easier and quicker to get through (I find)
  3. Who is not inspired by a good Ted Talk? Well they of course have a whole playlist called Talks to form better habits. My favourite one: A simple way to break a bad habit