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The Good Habit: travel light

Start spreading the news…..

I am travelling to New York later today, I am so excited!!!

Whilst packing my bag, I remembered a little happiness hack in one of Gretchen Rubin´s podcasts (link here) where she said: Always leave some extra room in the suitcase.

And boy, oh boy is she right. If I am not careful, I tend to always overpack and forget that I may want to buy things while I am away, which then never fit in my overcrowded luggage.

So, as I am packing this morning, I am trying to stick by these rules:

  • If you can borrow or get it a the hotel (ie hairdryer, toiletries)
  • If you can easily buy it locally or at the airport (ie, tampons, ibuprofen, earplugs, hairspray)
  • If you can substitute it with and electronic version of itself (ie books, agendas)
  • If you can wash easily locally (running gear!)
  • If you are not sure whether you will actually wear it (ie those high heals)


I will try to travel as lightly as possible and fly out with one half empty suitcase. Christmas shopping ahoy, it may come back full!

See you soon!


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