The Good Habit: Tidy up a little something

Sometimes it is overwhelming to tackle the decluttering tasks at home. So we keep pushing them out. Again and again. And the little area of your life that needed a quick tidy up, starts growing into a really untidy space, which annoys you and makes you grumpy. And it grows and grows in “messyness”, and so does our anxiety about tackling the task of tidying it up. Until it becomes a monster and requires a full day or longer to accomplish. Aka: it never gets done at all.


Been there? I have.


My classic spots around the house that I struggle keeping organised are:

  • my work desk (at home and at the office, by the way)
  • my own and the kids´wardrobe
  • my makeup drawers (lost cause…)
  • my jewellery box(es)
  • the cupboard where I keep my running gear
  • the kitchen pantry

and finally

  • the garage (THE place where EVERYBODY dumps their crap)


It used to drive me crazy and I always ended up having huge decluttering campaigns that would last for hours (or days), only to see most of these places untidy again a few days later.


Now: I have not found the holy grail, yet and I still have not tackled my garage, but I have managed to work up a method to keep most of these places generally organised. My own wardrobe, for example, I am especially proud of, because that now stays always tidy. I have followed the KonMari method, where everything has a place is folded or rolled up into squares and visible!

The trick however is to keep it that way and that takes a little daily maintenance work.

And the important thing here is: DAILY! Therefore it is best to make it a habit.


My rule:

If I can fold it / tuck it away /tidy it up, in less than 1 minute, then I will do it immediately


You won´t believe how many tasks take 1 minute or less to accomplish:

  • emptying the dishwasher (if you do it very quickly)
  • folding a few socks or TShirts
  • putting away papers and pens
  • putting away dirty laundry
  • loading a washing machine / dryer


I also spend 5 minutes at the end of the day at work or home just tidying up those places that tend to get messy and where stuff is piling up too high


So all in all if you manage to make the tidying up it a mini-habit, you will soon find that it becomes easier to keep things more or less in check. And, for some bizarre reason, it provides great sense of satisfaction and achievement. A at least for me….


PS: If you are interested in the KonMari method here are a couple of useful links:

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