The Good Habit: Tidy and Back Up your Devices regularly

As I was sitting in front of my screen yesterday, trying to back up all our household “I-Devices”, I gave myself a huge demerit for how bad I am with organising my tech stuff. It took me over 2 hours, just to get all of their software up to date and to sync them to my PC…


“I must remember to do this more often.” I thought, whilst looking at the circling arrows and the 2000 steps that iTunes was trying to perform, in order to get the devices back into shape. I actually really only do it since I once dropped my iPhone into the toilet (don´t ask…) and almost lost half of my kids´ childhood memories. I have to say: miraculously the phone survived the plunge! I switched it off and put it into a jar of rice for about 5 days, not opening it at all during this period of time. When I switched it back on, it was as good as new!


I am a organisation freak at everything expect technology. When it comes to my digital order, it is as messy as can be. I believe this is because I don´t see the mess: I will just dump stuff into the cloud or on my computer to never find it again.


So I have made an early New Years´ Resolution: to run through the process of tidying and backing up at least once a month. It should, I hope, be faster as you do it more frequently.


Let me know if you have any tricks and tips on how to keep your digital life organised (ideally in a fun way). I will very much welcome them!




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