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The Good Habit: Start your Day Drinking Water

One of my favourite really easy to implement Good Habits is that of drinking water in the morning. I have always been a person who does not drink enough during  the day and who would love to just automatically drink more, because it supposedly is good for you. Well: it just does not work for me. I have tried a number of hacks to get me drinking more: keeping a log, Apps, having water bottles spread out all over my home, drinking whenever I pass the water fountain in the office… you name it. I have inevitably failed over the long term.

My problem is, that I will just forget and won´t stick with it consistently, as soon as I cannot call it a routine. But recently I tried the following trick which I have now sticked to for months and it works: I drink water first thing in the morning when I wake up.

It is ready on my bedside table, so as soon as I open my eyes and even before I reach out to check my phone or do anything else, I will grab my bottle and take a few gulps. It works wonders, believe me, this little gesture.

When we wake up, we will naturally be a little dehydrated, as we will have spend 6-8 hours without any liquid intake. We may not realise this and think our drowsiness is just because we need  a little time to “get going”. However, as and when you start drinking a little water as soon as you wake up, you will quickly feel more energised and less sluggish every morning. You are also encouraging your metabolism to start working, so you may even see some positive side effects in terms of loosing weight without even trying. There are numerous other benefits and it is really not a difficult habit to implement.

BRITA water bottleThe only trick is to do this little morning gesture on autopilot and for that a bit of preparation the night before will be required. If you are at home it is simple: indulge in a nice water bottle. Get yourself a BRITA bottle with incorporated filter, for example, if you live in a place with hard water and set it up on your bedside table the night before. That means; wash it out thoroughly the night before and fill it with nice clean water all the way to the top. You can add ice to it if you like your water cool and/or a slice of lemon/orange/cucumber if you like to have a little taste in it.

Get a nice bottle (ie not a shabby plastic thing), after all it has to be appealing to the eye, too. For example, you can indulge in a lovely Swell bottle; they are a bit pricey but have great designs and the best thing about them is that they will keep your drink very, very cold for a long time, or very very hot if you choose a hot beverage. By the way; they make for a great present, too, for a friend, coworker, your gym partner). Here are some choices:

It is very important that you wash your bottle regularly. Here are some tips on how to do this. This is probably the most annoying thing to remember, so again, it is best to incorporate it into your routine, ideally the night before, so you don´t even need to think about it.

If you are travelling or spending the night away from home and don´t want to carry your bottle with you, do the same but with a regular plastic bottle that you can dispose of whenever you want. But remember to do so!!! Alternatively you can get yourself a smaller bottle for when you are on the move and keep it in your luggage.

Happy drinking!



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