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The Good Habit: Remember to smile!


it´s the second best thing you can do with your mouth

It is easy to turn into a “grumpy-40-something”. With all the struggles and everyday battles, frowning is far more habitual than smiling or, God forbid, even laughing. Sometimes we need to be reminded that a small gesture of kindness, a little smile, goes a long way. Primarily for our own benefit: It releases endorphins and therefore reduces stress and anxiety. Give it a go: next time you find yourself in a in a difficult situation and you feel the stress bubbling up, try to relax by “showing some teeth”. Because apparently, also fake smiles do the trick!


But not only does smiling make us happier and healthier, it is also contagious!


Try this little test on the street today: smile at a stranger. You will

a) be amused by how many people are actually SURPRISED to encounter a smiling human being

b) find that most people actually smile back (for more on this check out this  link to my “Happiness Goddess” Gretchen Rubin)



Happy Monday!




PS: I love this Beanie by The Smile More Store!




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