The Good Habit: Read for 10 minutes

Are you a frustrated book worm? Frustrated because you love to read, but don´t seem to have the time to do so any more? Do you enjoy sitting down with a good book and forgetting about the world around you for hours on end?


The problem: you don´t remember the last time you actually did that!


Life took over at some point; work, home, kids, other stuff… by the time you are in bed and could potentially spend a few minutes reading, you are so tired that you don´t get past the first few sentences without falling asleep…


Well here is a little hack that may get you back into reading easily:

Make an effort, make the TIME to read for 10 minutes a day.


Only 10 minutes. That you can fit in, right?



What you want to do is to schedule your reading time, like you would do with a meeting, doctors appointment or any other commitment. It should be planned at a specific time, in your calendar or on your TO-DO list.


Here are some suggestions on when you could fit your little habit in:

  1. Immediately after you wake up (remember to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to allow for that extra time in the morning)
  2. After/during lunch
  3. With your kids, while they are reading their own books
  4. On your daily commute (if you are not driving)
  5. Immediately after you put your kids to bed
  6. As soon as you step into bed at night
  7. When you are waiting or queuing somewhere


Once you know when you want to be reading, set your alarm to 10 minutes and time yourself. During these 10 minutes you are not allowed to do anything else, other than reading; no phone, no talking to others, nothing that will distract you from your book.


You will see how you can greatly utilise this short time and get a lot of pages in. And even if you only read a few, it will feel like you have accomplished your goal and your inner bookwork will be satisfied. You will keep up up the momentum of the stories your are reading and find that you probably go at least through a few books per month. More often that not, you will also find yourself adding another 5-10 minute bonus sessions on top of your daily slot, if you have the time!


Happy reading!


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