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The Good Habit: Hug daily!


Who does not like hugs? Everybody, or at least that is what most of us believe.

But why do we like them so much and why do we hug so infrequently, even though we consider hugs to be the main demonstration of affection amongst humans?


A hug can come from a friend, a family member, your other half, or from any other person with whom we share a certain empathy.


Scientific studies have proved that hugs release endorphins, which have positive health side effects such as reducing blood pressure, headaches, stress and mild pains. They increase self-esteem, relaxation, reduces anxiety and help with insomnia and fears.



The sensation of protection and security that hugs provide is especially important for children. Happiness in the family unit needs to be nurtured daily and the joy of giving and receiving hugs should be constant and sincere. A hug should never be denied!


Hugging goes far beyond that, in that it stimulates the senses, is a source for happiness and quiets the soul. Some sources even state that hugging frequently keeps you younger.

I am not sure about that, but it certainly keeps you happier!

Take a look at this.



We should remember to hug our loved ones daily, it is one of my preferred Good Habits!


This is especially valid for our eldest. We often forget that they miss and lack the oh so important physical interaction with other people, as they spend lots of hours alone. So be generous with your hugs to your parents, grandparents and seniors.


Hugging is easy and for free. There is hardly anything stopping us from hugging more, other than social pressures and cultural barriers. Some cultures are more open and relaxed about it, so be aware of social etiquette and the other persons´signs, if you are unsure or whether to hug or not.

Here are some basic rules for hugging  that may come in handy.






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  • This article made me think about hugging my dad and mom more. We need to stop taking our love ones for granted but life gets busy and we easily forget. Thank you for the reminder!

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