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The Good Habit: Everything has its place – especially the stuff that always gets lost

Establish a home for all your important things so you can find them easily


This is a small hack that may save you time and stress daily, especially when you are trying to get out the door in a rush. How many times have you found yourself scanning the house for the car keys in a panic or looking through all your bags for those sunglasses? How much time do you waste weekly rummaging through pockets of jackets and cursing yourself for being so disorganised?

Well here is a very easy Good Habit that you can adopt today in no time:

Establish a “home”, a fixed place where you will regularly dump all the important stuff as soon as you get through the door in the evening, so you can find it easily again the next morning.


keys1. Keys:

Car keys, house keys, bike lock keys, garage controls, etc. Find a tray and /or a drawer next to the front door of your home, where they will go in the moment you arrive, even before you take your shoes off. On arriving, take 30 seconds (that is all it takes) to search for your keys and wallet – empty your pockets and just dump it all in there. Easy right? Job done! Never search for keys again! The next step: get the rest of your family to do the same, it´s easiest if you all use the same tray/drawer.

2. Other bits:

Once you have mastered #1, do the same for any other utensils that you find yourself misplacing frequently, for example sun- and reading-glasses, your purse/wallet, headphones, gloves, your phone.

bag in bag

3. Empty your handbag:

The ultimate organisation Good Habit is to actually empty the contents of your bag every day and do the same as above ie everything goes in its place. If you manage to do this (and I have to admit, I don´t always do), you will find that you end up carrying only the stuff around that you really need and therefore less weight overall. Also that you change bags more often. Has it ever happen to you that you spend months using the same handbag, just because you cannot get yourself to shift its content into a different one? I admit this is not for everyone, so for those who don´t want to empty their bags every day but still want to change handbags frequently, you may want to try The Bag in the Bag. This is a very useful product, as long as it does not become a black whole for stuff, so be careful to regularly clean it out, too


I hope you enjoy this quick to implement Good Habit and that it makes your life a little easier!





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