The Good Habit: Brush your Teeth after Lunch

On dental hygiene and office etiquette


We all teach our kids to brush our teeth after every meal, right?

However, do we lead by example? Not always.


It is astonishing to observe, how many people do not brush their teeth after lunch at midday. In my office, it is actually the majority of them. Granted, the Brits are not famous for their dental hygiene. And no, it is not a stereotype! Just come over and have a look around. I have stopped being amazed at how badly maintained generally British teeth are, blaming it on cultural differences.


Anyway, back to my little Good Habit: it is often easy to forget to brush your teeth after lunch especially, if, like most of us, you are stuck at an office form 9-5. Maybe you don´t really do lunch when you are at work maybe you eat at your desk or just snack on random bits throughout the day. Maybe you do lunch-meetings or are often eating on the go at airport terminals or train stations.



Or maybe you just forget…


This is how you can build a little habit around your oral hygiene at work:


  1. Carry a mini toothbrush & paste set with you in your handbag, that way you will always have an on the go option to brush your teeth
  2. Keep a travel toiletry bag in your office drawer and in your car
  3. Get into the habit of always brushing your teeth after you go to the toilet to wash your hands after lunch
  4. Set yourself an alarm/reminder at the time when you want to brush your teeth


You will see that you will soon find it irritating to start the afternoon without having brushed your teeth. Not only will it nicely break the day into two and refresh yourself, you are also less likely to keep snacking on sweets and other goodies throughout the afternoon.


As with orange juice, sweets just don´t taste well after you have brushed your teeth.


And, dear British colleagues: it is also good work etiquette not to be breathing coffee or tea breath down on your colleagues all day long…


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