On Embracing Wrinkles at (almost) 40

I was looking through my social media this weekend and realised that there is not a single photo of my female friends in there, where they are not striking some sort of funny or strange pose. The most popular being the one where they pull a “kissing face” with wide open eyes. I have for a while thought of this as silly and immature and wondered why nobody seems to be able to take a normal picture of themselves any more. You, know; just smiling and that´s it. And then it suddenly dawned on me:

When you do the “kissy-pose”, all your wrinkles around eyes and mouth disappear.


It is because we do not want our wrinkles to show up on photographs!


I scrolled back and forth through various profiles (including mine) and there was the proof, bare in front of my eyes: in almost every picture containing a happy, smiling face, the female (almost) 40 year old subject is either wearing sunglasses, or heavily covered in make up. BANG!


I wondered: when did I start, unconsciously, trying to avoid immortalising my crow´s feet?

Because I am guilty as charged, too. I guess it happens mostly after our kids are born.

  1. You start taking pictures of them: they are so much cuter to look at, anyway.
  2. And you stop taking pictures of yourself: you haven´t slept in years, your hair is not done and neither is your makeup, anyway


And so, one day you wake up 15 years later and realise that there is hardly any photo proving your existence during the last decade. You start start trying to get back into the picture but dislike what you see, so resort to being a goof instead.


I guess it is just a matter of perspective. If we woke up in 10 years time form now and looked back on us today, we would realise how great we look. Or, as Baz Luhrman said:

in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself
and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before
you and how fabulous you really looked...


Because there is one indisputable truth: we will never be as young as today.


So let´s try embracing our gorgeous (almost) 40 year old self and get into some of the holiday pictures this Christmas! I will certainly give it a go.




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