On Broga Yoga and why it´s great for women, too

One of my New Years´ Resolutions (in the health department) was to get strong. Another one was to start doing Yoga again. Now, with both these I have had issues in the past. For starters, I hate going to the gym and lift weights, so for (almost) 40 years now my good intentions on doing less cardio and more strength training have remained aspirations year after year.

Then there is Yoga…

As much as I like it, and I have really tried time and time again in the past, I have come to the bitter realisation that I simply suck at it. End of story. Do you know that person who is just not flexible enough to do the poses properly? Well, that is me! Surprisingly I still like Yoga and I do acknowledge that it is good for one. But it is a tad depressing to know that you would have to practice Yoga 7 days a week (and possibly twice a day) in order to have a remote chance of ever reaching your toes without bending your knees… So I end up not going, either …


The result: A very strong pair of legs from all the running and a sad, weak and skinny upper body.


Browsing through the web one evening, I came across Broga, which promised an intense strength workout with the benefits of Yoga practice, but simplified and cutting out the meditative part. Granted: if you are a devoted Yogi, this will seem like a violation of the true essence of Yoga and you are very much in your right to feel offended. When you look at the class and dissect it, there is very little left of what traditional Yoga is supposed to be about. You could argue that it has been brutally adapted to our fast paced and superficial 21st century way of living.


As superficial as it sounds, it looked perfect for me, so I decided to give it a try. They market it for men, however women are welcome.



I was initially surprised to find out that there is only 1 place in town that offers Broga and therefore not the least surprised when it was packed, as I arrived on my first Monday evening. The male-female ratio was 80/20, but the few women in the studio did not look like Demi Moore in G. I. Jane, so despite my slight nervousness I decided to stay and settled down at the back of the class on my matt.



Fast forward a month and I am proud to report having completed 3 classes and totally  loving it. It is hard and I do curse (a lot), but very worth sticking with and here are the reasons why:


1.You don’t have to be flexible

Now that on its own is a winner. As Broga is geared for dudes, who are (generally) less bendy than women, you will find that they mostly do the poses that bricks like me can do without too much suffering. Thank you so much!


2. You don’t have to be strong, but you will get stronger very quickly



On my first class I was not capable of doing more than one single push up with good technique, but after only 3 classes I am probably up to 3 or 4. Don´t laugh! It´s the progression that counts! Because you will be doing the same poses again and again and again, you will pretty quickly see an improvement in your strength. 


3. It is simple

And I DO LIKE SIMPLE, sorry, not everyone does. You will not be faced with too many poses per class, maybe just a handful that you will be repeating until you are blue in the face. It may sound boring, but believe me; you won´t have time to be bored while you are trying not to pass out and keep up with the pace (it goes pretty fast).


4. It is fun

It actually is. I have found Yoga classes to be great for de-stressing, but frankly, sometimes I may almost fall asleep when there is too much relaxation and meditation going on. Broga on the other hand is just plain fun with a bit of a “oh who-cares if I am shit at it” attitude which makes it less rigid in a different way. You will laugh and that in itself is a great way of releasing tension. And you can drag your other half with you and have fun together. How many sports offer that kind of opportunity?





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