October holiday reads


I am packing, whoa!!!

Going on holiday always puts me in a great mood. Together with the “what should I wear question?” (and I will probably post a separate entry on that topic) comes the “what should I read?” question. And this one is often hard to answer. I spend hours browsing on Amazon, Goodreads and other pages hoarding on literature for the coming days. I thank humanity for the invention of the e-book, which has made my travel suitcase so much lighter. It used to be a nightmare to carry all that paper around. I miss reading paperbooks though. Call me old fashioned, but it´s just not the same on a screen… Therefore I still take at least one paperback copy with me, usually the thinnest one from the selection

What do you prefer; ebooks or paper?


So here is my to-read list for the next 10 days. Expecting that I would read all of them is probably wishful thinking, but it´s the intention that counts, right?

  1. A Time to Kill (J Grisham) : I am a big Grisham fan and I have noticed that I never read his fist book, which supposedly is his best one, or so he claims.
  2. The Trial (F. Kafka): OK so there needs to be at least one serious read amongst the selection and this is it. It is one of those classics that I have always wanted to read and never got round to. It is also the only one that I take with me in paperback format.
  3. The Image of you (A. Parks): This one compensates for the one above… the typical beach read, I know, but sometimes I need to indulge in a “cero brain activity” read. After all I am on holiday…
  4. The Art of Non Conformity (C. Guillebeau): I have been curious about this book for a while. I like the author and listen to his podcast Side Hustle School. Not sure if I will get around it, this time, but just in case I have packed it, too.


Which books have you recently read and would recommend?



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