October autumn leaves

Dear October, welcome back

Dear October,

Welcome back, we always like to have you around.

You turn nature into paintings of yellow, red and brown, inviting us to long evening walks inundated with fiery sunsets. You produce mushrooms and conkers and make the squirrels go mad. You cover everything with a blanket of leaves as if saying: “keep warm winter is coming.”

You smell like orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg spiced tea. You taste like warm apple pie, creamy pumpkin soup and homemade blackberry jam.

You make us dig out our scarves again, our coats and wellies. You have a bit of a temper, with your winds and scattered showers. But we don’t freeze with you, as your days are mild and your nights still short.

What is there not to like about you, other than the prospect of a long and cruel winter ahead?

You are here to stay for 31 days and I wish you would last much, much longer. I wish we could jump straight into March when you leave.

Welcome home!

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