The Good Habit: Read for 10 minutes

Are you a frustrated book worm? Frustrated because you love to read, but don´t seem to have the time to do so any more? Do […]

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On Embracing Wrinkles at (almost) 40

I was looking through my social media this weekend and realised that there is not a single photo of my female friends in there, where […]

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Santa Phone

“Mummy, does Santa buy on Amazon?”

“Mummy?” “What sweety?” “Does Santa buy on Amazon?”   I freeze, panic starts to roll in. I stick my head out of the bathroom where […]

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plane jet lag

No More Jet Lag!

If you travel overseas frequently, you will know how important it is to try to reduce jet lag as much as possible, as it may […]

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lilly pulitzer stationery display

The Stationery Nerd: NYC Lilly Pulitzer store

I have spent the last few days in New York City. It is a city that I adore; together with London, definitely my top favourite […]

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frogs travelling

The Good Habit: travel light

Start spreading the news….. I am travelling to New York later today, I am so excited!!! Whilst packing my bag, I remembered a little happiness […]

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The Stationery Nerd: Busy B Christmas presents

With Christmas looming around the corner, I have once again resorted to buying stationery!   A few days ago I bought these BusyB products, which […]

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The Good Habit: Tidy up a little something

Sometimes it is overwhelming to tackle the decluttering tasks at home. So we keep pushing them out. Again and again. And the little area of […]

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The Good Habit: the 1 Minute Plank

I never took the 30 day plank challenge, but I have managed to fit a simple and easy habit into my day: to plank (is […]

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