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Are office goodies destroying your waistline?

I am very lucky to be working at an office where team spirit and a fun, friendly environment are important for people. This is often manifested by colleagues bringing in food goodies to share at a common area. They tend to be the hi-calorie sort: cookies, donuts, chocolates, cakes and cupcakes.



As much as I love these goodies, the days when I could eat whatever I pleased without seeing a difference in my weight, are sadly long gone. So now, at (almost) 40, I try to be a bit more careful when indulging too frequently in sugary treats. My office the perfect place if you are testing self restraint. Most days, I am well behaved until, at around 4pm the sugar low kicks in and sees me wondering in a zombie like state to the display of sweet options desperate for my quick fix. I curse myself and regret it every time afterwards.

I know I am not the only weak person there, since I see a lot of other colleagues finding it equally hard to not give in and failing equally miserably. This is why I am trying to bring in alternatives to keep up the good mood within the team and even contribute to our overall health … or at least not contribute to its decline.

Here are a couple of things that I have tried out so far, which have all worked.


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1. Health(ier) treats:  it´s obvious I know, but I had to mention them;  low calorie drinks, natural juices and smoothies (although these can be a bit expensive), fruit, yogurts, nuts and berries are good snacking options that most people like. Just watch out that they are easy to peal or handle and always accompany them with napkins, too.


2. Games or puzzles: treats don´t always have to be edible, I figured. A game or a puzzle that people can take turns playing throughout the day or week, can really spurt the community feeling and be tons of fun. If people have no idea what the puzzle is about, then the outcome may be a fun surprise. The puzzle can be one of those impossibly difficult ones with 1000 pieces. Yenga, RubiKs Cubes, Dominoes and Chess are games I have not tried, yet, but definitely will.




3. Books: Leave an interesting or funny book lying around. The sort of type that can be read in quick 5 minute bits and that people will find either thought provoking or amusing.




4. Word magnets: if you have an whiteboard, office fridge or some kind of other magnetic surface, this can be a fun way to post messages. I have seen entire conversations going on this way. It is good fun to see what people come up with and you will be surprised how creative some can be.



5. Decoration: If it is a holiday or special occasion, you can bring in decoration. This option has the advantage of being usually be pretty inexpensive. Christmas, Halloween, or other more specific moments (ie the x anniversary of our office) can be good occasions to bring out the banners, twinkle lights or window stickers.


What do you think?

I am curious to find out what other people have done to keep up their community spirit at work in a non sugary way!


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