About Vulnerability

Over the weekend I read an interesting article. It dealt with vulnerability and showed a few columnist´s views on this rather abstract topic.

All opinions coincided that nowadays vulnerability has a pejorative connotation to it. It is viewed as “a weakness and not a strength”. It can “lead to pain”, it exposes your most fragile side.

But all authors also viewed vulnerability as a pre-requisite for progress and development, whether they were talking about an individual, a group of human beings, a system found in nature or about technology. The “state of being exposed” was more often than not viewed as the first step to change, a requirement to “our relational life” and the source of the most joyful things in life.

This made me think about how badly we tend to avoid getting into situations where we become vulnerable and are at risk of being hurt. Our most primitive defensive instincts kick in, in an attempt to preserve our wellbeing. And yet, would we not be better off letting it happen once in a while?

It goes back to being brave enough to step out of our comfort zones. Because we all know that it is only there, in a state of uncertainty, that we become receptive to new ideas. It is then and there that we discover our most creative sides and do things we never thought possible.

So here is a little thought for today: let´s take a risk, let´s be brave and let us be vulnerable.



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