About today


The here and now. It is the only thing we really have and own.


Yet, we seem too busy and focussed on everything else.  The future, for example. Planning what we will do later, tomorrow, in a few week´s time. Always looking ahead. Always running to get to the future (ideally on time). And when we finally arrive, we are again planning for what will come later. It is not a bad thing to do this, as such. It becomes pointless, though, when we are incapable of enjoying the today, because we are too obsessively already moving on to tomorrow.


And the (sad) reality is that there may be no tomorrow, or at least not the perfect one we are picturing in our mind-portraits of the future. We often get this realisation when bad news strikes: accidents, sickness. Because obviously nobody plans for that.


Live each day as if it was your last.


It is a cliché and sounds cheesy. Maybe we should say it in Latin: Carpe diem. It does upgrade it a bit…


But come to think of it, there is some truth in it. Certainly we should not be living our days as if we had and endless supply of them somewhere in a drawer.


The past is gone. We may have memories, nice or painful. It was an experience, it helped us to learn and be who we are today. But be careful with the past, as there is the danger of “fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth“.


So who are we today? Our wishes and desires, our dreams and hopes, the things that we regard as important, will be very different from those 20 years ago and from those in another 20 years from now.


Therefore live your today to the fullest, it is your biggest present and the only one you truly have!


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